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It's important to be able to find games in the same medium, but often times folks who try to offer analog games have "related" games as digital, because they might share the tag "post-apacolyptic" or more notoriously, "rpg".

What I would really want to see is an easy way to distinguish analog games from digital games without relying on looking at a given tag. This also extends beyond games, as some folks use itch for tutorials, fonts, curriculum, and other resources that are related to games content as a whole.

There is a lot of other considerations with expanding itch to facilitate analog games, so by no means am I devaluing other people's very valid input.


Regarding making the distinction clear, is this on the particular product's page, or when browsing for it on the site?


I was specifically referring to "Related Games" section. Honey Heist, for example, has Butterfly Soup & Night in the Woods in it's relates games. Great games, but not relevant because they're a different medium entirely.


I see, thanks for the example. We can definitely fix that.