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A couple of my biggest projects are digital projects that are meant to be used as utility apps for tabletop RPG games. How about "Tabletop Utility" for that tag and category. My projects have never felt right being labeled as just "Utility" on other app stores because usually "utility" apps are things like flashlights and calculators.

Other ideas for this classification of games and related apps.


  • print-and-play = a game that can be printed on paper and played.
  • tabletop game = a physical game played around a table with friends. Examples: board games and card games.
  • tabletop RPG = a physical game with rulebooks and guides where players role-play characters.
  • tabletop utility = a utility application meant to help with or be used with tabletop games.
  • tabletop materials = digital or print-and-play supplementary materials for other tabletop games. Examples: maps, premade characters, premade adventures

And a special note about license information because I know it could come up. Wizard's of the Coast, which owns the official Dungeons & Dragons product, has their own digital store for selling homemade supplementary materials. Their rule on this is that only materials published through their official store and sharing revenue with them can "tag" themselves and promote themselves using the label "D20". So that tag is strictly off the table, though you see it being used a lot when it shouldn't be. Similar is using the words "Dungeons and Dragons" or one of the other similar games that may be owned by a different publisher. That's why some tag their materials as "5e" which is short hand for 5th edition, but even that is a little on the line with how they specify their rules. "tabletop" is the safe tagging category, though it does encompass more than RPG games. I guess "tabletop" would be the genre category you mention.