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I've been loving this game so far but I can't progress past June 1st, every time I get to that point the game stops responding and I can't click anything. Any way to fix this?

Thank you for the kind words! I'm really sorry you're having trouble. Does the game freeze with nothing happening, or does it have a 'this program is not responding' message, or does some other type of  information appear? For now I can recommend maybe starting a brand new file or redownloading the game or both. I can give a more custom suggestion with additional details. Feel free to email us at our support email, if that'd be easier.

You're welcome :)

It freezes and nothing happens, it says it's not responding at the top of the window and if I try and click anything the 'this program is not responding' message pops up. I made a new file yesterday and there are no problems in that one so it seems like its this specific save, I'll try re downloading and see if that fixes it. Thank you :)

Oh, okay, cool. Glad things seem to be working. If it turns out to be something other than a corrupted save, just let me know!