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This Demo is amazing.Like many of the other comments, I was very pleased.  I Demo a lot of these just to see if I want to see what happens next in the story (to buy) like everyone else, but this one wow.  I had a hard time comparing it to any of the VN's I've recently read.  The interface and presentation are so fresh and different!  Even the color scheme was nice change of pace.  The writing has a welcome realistically human perspective without having the "marysue"ness or the I am a complete pushover MC that are very prevalent in the genre.   I immediately went to see if this was Ren'Py just because I wasn't sure.  Bravo team!  

Thank you and I will be purchasing.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you appreciated the main character. She's kind of like the sassy side character, except... it happens to be her POV. Hope you enjoy the future release! — Luna Chai