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Thank you so much! Lots of love is being poured into this game, and I hope you enjoy it when it's out!

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gui.overlay_opacity = 0.7

The opacity of the menu's overlay. Float.

gui.mm_background = "gui/mm_background.jpg"

The background image for your main menu. Displayable.

gui.mm_logo = "gui/logo.png"

The logo of your game on the main menu. Ideal dimensions: 290 x 70. Displayable.

gui.mm_logoy = 0.25

The ycenter of the logo (how far down the screen it is). Recommended is 0.25. Float.

Sound Effects

guisfx_button_hover = "sfx/silence_sec.ogg"

Sound when a button is hovered. Path.

guisfx_button_click = "sfx/silence_sec.ogg"

Sound when a button is clicked. Path.

guisfx_button_warn = "sfx/silence_sec.ogg"

Sound when a warning pops up, like when deleting a file. Path.

config.main_menu_music = "music/silence_min.ogg"

Music for the main menu. Path.

config.has_voice = True

If you don't want voices, set this to False. The feature will also disappear from the Settings screen. Boolean.

Font Styles

gui.advname_font_face = "gui/Nunito 700.ttf"

Text for the name and headers. Path.

gui.advname_font_size = 34

Text size for the name and headers. Integer.

gui.advname_font_color = '#ffffff'

Text color for the name and headers. Color.

gui.advname_font_kerning = 4

The amount of pixels between each letter for the name and the headers. Integer.

varAdvNameUppercase = True

Sets names and headers to automatically be all-caps. Boolean.

gui.adv_font_face = "gui/Nunito 300.ttf"

Text for the dialogue and paragraphs. Path.

config.font_replacement_map["gui/Nunito 300.ttf", True, False] = ("gui/Nunito 700.ttf", False, False)

The replacement font for bold text. If you have a different font face for bold, put your normal font where "Nunito 300" is, and your bold font where "Nunito 700" is.

config.font_replacement_map["gui/Nunito 300.ttf", False, True] = ("gui/Nunito 300 italic.ttf", False, False)

The replacement font for italic text. If you have a different font face for italic, put your normal font where "Nunito 300" is, and your bold font where "Nunito 700" is.

gui.adv_font_size = 34

Text size for the dialogue and paragraphs. Integer.

gui.adv_font_color = '#ffffff'

Text color for the dialogue and paragraphs. Color.

gui.adv_font_line = 1

The amount of pixels between each line for the dialogue and paragraphs. Integer.

CG Gallery

gui.has_cg = True

If you don't want a CG gallery, set this to False, and the gallery will disappear from the Extras menu.

Music Room

gui.has_mr = True

If you don't want a music room, set this to False, and the music room will disappear from the Extras menu.


Mar 8, 2019 | Fade 1.1.1
Clarity hotfix moving the save directory string to gui.rpy for easy changes.

Jun 13, 2018 | Fade 1.1.0
Tested and tuned for compatibility with Renpy 7.0.0. Simplified the installation process. Created more detailed documentation.

Mar 5, 2018 | Fade 1.0.1
Bug fix that caused CG Gallery images to render in the wrong position.

Dec 13, 2017 | Fade 1.0.0
Base release.

(2 edits)

Screen List

  1. Main Menu
  2. ADV Textbox
  3. NVL Textbox
  4. Choices
  5. Backlog
  6. Pause Menu
  7. Save/Load
  8. Settings
  9. Extras
  10. CG Gallery
  11. Music Room
  12. Confirm
  13. About/Help


Photos from Unsplash 2017:

  • Copyright 2015 Anthony DELANOIX
  • Copyright 2015 Sebastian Unrau
  • Copyright 2016 Mink Mingle
  • Copyright 2017 Raphael Koh

Renpy: Copyright 2012-2017 Tom Rothamel.

Nunito: Copyright 2014 The Nunito Project Authors ( — distributed under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1

Quick Install

  1. Open and drag the whole FADE folder into wherever you set your Ren'Py projects directory.
  2. Open the .zip of which theme you want: Mercury, Venus, or Neptune.
  3. Copy the files inside the desired theme's folder to FADE/game/gui.


Copy entire "FADE" folder and paste to Ren'Py project directory.

It should show up like so.

Copy the files of your desired theme folder.

Paste the theme files into game/gui.

For your convenience, the most commonly customized aspects are all placed under gui.rpy.

Before you change anything, I recommend that you test your install to make sure it is successful. If you run into errors, try 1) deleting persistent, and 2) force recompile.

(Note: To prevent errors, some default Ren'Py theme images are kept.)

HA thanks! That's very high praise indeed! I also love all those same things, so it's great to find a kindred spirit :D

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you appreciated the main character. She's kind of like the sassy side character, except... it happens to be her POV. Hope you enjoy the future release! — Luna Chai

Thank you for playing, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D — Luna Chai

Hey, thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! Hope that it won't disappoint! — Luna Chai

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! And thanks for mentioning the fire scene; I'll have a look at that :] — Luna Chai

Hi! Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm very glad you appreciated the aesthetics of the game. (Also, I definitely used to spam all that s-seventh g-g-grade s-stuttering... ahh, memories.)

Regarding the issues you reported, the save/load page refreshing every time was a bug that was fixed in later releases, so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem in the future! I'll also take a look at the cutoff buttons and the smallness of the arrows.

— Luna Chai

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I understand that my writing style didn't appeal to you. It's heavily inspired by spoken word and poetic prose, prioritizing the sense of rhythm, rhyme, and color. While this can come across as condescending or repetitive—since it's not as straightforward as direct prose—it's an artsy sort of style that calls back to indie films and Japanese cinematography, which the atmosphere of the visual novel is built on (hence the use of cinematic cuts, dictionary definitions, and other subtextual imagery). The writing can definitely be polarizing, but keeping its style is something that I feel strongly about, since it's the foundation of the game's vision. I understand if it wasn't your cup of tea, and I certainly don't expect it to be everyone's!

As for Alison's fixation on normality, there's actually a specific reason that ties into the themes of the visual novel—though it won't surface until much later. 

Regarding subtext, while the visuals are meant to be artistic and subtextual, the actual dialogue is meant to be clear and easy to understand. There's copious amounts of foreshadowing and lampshading, but in the end, Alison is a straightforward protagonist who doesn't engage in subtext. Even when the Zodiacs ask her questions with hidden meanings, she tends to miss it and answers it literally. This does carry the risk of overexplaining, so we made the choice made after thinking of our target market. A lot of subtext is lost in the lack of body language / vocal tone in a visual novel, so as a result, the dialogue needs to be more literal. 

Thanks again for your honest thoughts and for playing the demo!

— Luna Chai

Thank you! I'm happy that you enjoyed your playthrough, and hope that you also enjoy the future releases! — Luna Chai

Very glad to hear this! We're currently aiming to release the full version is Q2 2020, but the detailed development roadmap can be found on the website — Luna Chai

Thank you! Very glad that you enjoyed your experience. — Luna Chai

Since the team is comprised of mortal humans, we need money to pay for our grocery bills, student loans, mortgage, healthcare, and other living expenses we need to not starve to death in cardboard boxes. Thanks for your understanding! — Luna Chai

Thanks for the support! — Luna Chai

Wow, thank you for the feedback! Yep, the next story will be Leaf's, and we're aiming to release it in the last week of January. That being said, as mentioned, my parents' move to Chicago might influence the timeline, but we'll do our best to get his story out on time! I'm not planning on making a guide since walkthroughs are usually fan-created, but if there's a lack of clarity on the gameplay or achievements that feel unattainable, I'll definitely consider it. — Luna Chai

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed your experience. — Luna Chai

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed, and your English is fantastic! — Luna Chai

Thank you! Very honored to hear your enthusiasm and feedback. — Luna Chai

Thank you for your support, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! — Luna Chai

Would love to! Our currently priority is finishing development of the game and releasing on Steam. Console and mobile ports are something we would love to investigate in the future, but is not currently on the roadmap. — Luna Chai

Hi, we haven't previously had error reports with Windows 10 users. Does this happen throughout the game, or when you try to boot up the game? Is it unpredictable or are there times were it consistently crashes? — Luna Chai

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it, and found Alison relatable! — Luna Chai

Glad you enjoyed it! We took a lot of precautions in making the game space efficient and lightweight without sacrificing quality, by running several techniques to optimize space. It's great to hear that the effort is paying off! Thanks for also writing down your predictions, and it's always nice to read those :)  — Luna Chai

Fun! Thanks for playing! — Luna Chai

Thank you for playing the demo! Very glad that you enjoyed all the different aspects! — Luna Chai

Oh, how fun! Glad that you can relate to the protag! — Luna Chai

Thank you very much for the understanding and support! — Luna Chai

So glad you enjoyed it! Zodiac Axis is a commercial release; price will be $30. Thank you! — Luna Chai

Thank you so much! :D — Luna Chai

Thank you so much for playing the game and the support! :D — Luna Chai

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the future releases! :D — Luna Chai

Wow, thank you so much! :D

If you'll pardon a bit of shameless promotion, we do actually have a store with acrylic charms, sticky notes, and the beta access package:

Also Soundtracks Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 are available on digital music stores! But I digress, haha. Thank you for the support and the enthusiasm!

— Luna Chai

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm! We really appreciate it! <3 — Luna Chai

JULY PLUSHIE?! Would be 110% down. — Luna Chai

Thank you for playing the game! Thrilled that you enjoy the main character, and also Marin, who's a personal fav :D Dexter's also my favorite guy, though the reasons won't be evident until True Route. — Luna Chai

Whoa! Thank you so much! Marin and July are my fav characters, too! They get a hefty focus in Common Route :D

Possible spoiler, but purchasing the dragon mask is not accessible at the moment since it's a True Route flag. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your support!

— Luna Chai