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Great game!  Could you please add a 'how to play' or 'controls' section on the menu. Also when building I can't deselect an item and when you hold the space bar for straight roads nothing happens. Don't know if its just me, (windows laptop user btw). Otherwise I love it :)

Hey there EyesCream! First of all, thank you for trying out my game, secondly, I'm definitely working on a tutorial for first-time players. Regarding your deselection and straight road errors:

Deselection: I'm not sure if I have seen this error before, and I can't seem to replicate it. Could you hop on our discord server and state the error in more detail for me to fix?

Road tool: I will admit it is a bit buggy, and there are times where it doesn't work. It especially doesn't seem to like vertical road placement haha. So if this is the case, I'd recommend rotating the camera for now.

Thanks for you feedback EyesCream! I look forward to seeing you in the discord server!