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Played this as part of a 4 free indie horrors. I give a much more in-depth review near the end. Posting the feedback here to help you grow as a developer and not to attack you in any way. If you only watch the end for the review please watch the entire ending as there are some very important parts that need to be noted. Sorry if i come across as harsh, I'm just giving my personal opinion and critical criticism.

Thank you for your feedback and for playing our game! If you had read the description before you played it you would've seen that it was made by a small team in 48 hours which is why it was a bit clunky and not very polished. We are going to be improving the game over the coming weeks and we will be sure to take your feedback on board, we were aware of most of these issues already and are currently working on making it a much better experience for the player with more context, story and definitely more things to do. Keep checking back here for updates - we will make sure to post when a new release of the game is ready and it would be great if you could check that out as well. Thanks again!


Yes definitely. I'll be checking regularly to see you guys progress and improve the game. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for playing :D Yeah your comments about how the game should act and play are absolutely true. The game being completely overhauled is something we have been discussing as part of some post game jam development, and would absolutely be needed should the game be extended into more than a jam prototype. Usually when we take part in a jam we look at testing out new areas of code/development rather than focusing on what would actually be an easier to develop but polished product, anyway as mentioned, thanks for playing.


I'm looking forward to more polish and improved overall experiences. Like i said sorry if i came across as harsh in the video, but i feel devs need honest critical feedback to improve. Nobody likes bad feedback, but it happens and is sometimes necessary for improvement. hope you guys make it big in development someday.