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Nice work so far! The art style is really nice (looks very clear and the colors are pleasant) and the story is interesting with the different perspectives involved. If you continue to develop it, it would be nice to have choices more often. Even if some of them don't have long-term effects, it adds some nice flavor and immersion - I really liked being able to choose the little robot's name. :D My favourite choice was the yes/no to listen to the broadcast since it created a branch where I could play it again to explore the other option. (I think in general, being able to choose between locations is nice since it lets you explore what you're currently curious about!)

Since you're planning another part, I think it would be nice if you got prompted to make a Save at the end of this part so your choices could carry over to the next part.

A couple of small things in the options menu: It would be nice with a fullscreen windowed mode (a window covering the whole screen but without the border). And maybe have a brief explanation of the settings if you hover over them or click a little info/question icon - for example I wasn't sure if Auto-Forward Time would be faster or slower  if I raised it (am I increasing the speed or the length of time it's displayed?).

Looking forward to seeing Part 2!


I love you, my friend, you are a good person and I appreciate all that you do for me. <3 <3 <3