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This was really cool, but I would like some more endings that make me happier please. And more items, like, teddy bear, or ruby.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your interest in our game! It's out now on itch and on our Steam! We had a lot of delays having trouble with implementing Steam Achievements, so we pushed it to the last moment in hopes we could fix it in time (unfortunately not). 

We hope you play and enjoy it, and if you have any feedback or spot any bugs, don't feel shy in sharing! Have a nice weekend.

wow what a huge asshole. Let's see you do better, then share it for free online for assholes to bitch about.

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HINT FOR YOU: A Fruity Drink, an Italian Classic, and a Chocolatey Dessert make One Great Meal ^_^ .
To see updated art, check out this separate page I made for updates (not for jam-rating haha):

THANK YOU my friend ^3^ !! Yeah, I should think of a few more levels, so I can test out changing levels too heheh! Oh that console... I'm glad it turned out more helpful than harmful for players pffft!

Hahaha thanks for playing! I didn't realize the console would show up for other players within the executable too XD ! I had it printing so much junk while coding it to keep track of what was working or not, oops! I did borrow the icons from a pack of 'RPG assets' LOL so I'm sure they were supposed to be rope and a potion originally haha. 

Someone linked your assets to me as an option to use for GMTK's game jam :D . Though I partnered with an artist, with not enough time I ended up using a few of your icons for it! Thank you, you're a lifesaver.

My puzzle hint for players: A Fruity Drink, an Italian Classic, and a Chocolatey Dessert make One Great Meal! <3 <3 <3

Thanks my friend =3= ! Hehehe I'm glad you could solve it in the end!

Hehehe you're so nice =w= ! It's good to know it's as confusing as I thought it might be.  I can think of some fun ways to make it more intuitive!

Nice work, good to see more narrative and story-based entries :D .

Cute idea! The drawing next to the game adds a really nice touch :) . Very cool that it's bilingual! I died to thieves haha.


I love you, my friend, you are a good person and I appreciate all that you do for me. <3 <3 <3