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[light spoiler] Your goal is to jump through the ring shaped trees, but most of them are not accessible due to the infestation. Solve the problems within the area to get rid of the infestation. You do this by observing your surroundings closely and making use of your abilities to nurture and wither. And thanks for playing!


thank you, I gave it a two hour go but theres just not enough info for someone who does not fully understand the concept to do a good job, I know those root things follow you when they grow a flower and animals follow you (sort of) when you step in fruit and other things but without a tutorial to help guide the player its pretty much a shot in the dark with what to do.

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[spoiler] Hi Fellowplayer, you are really close to solving the first puzzle: did you realize that there are actually already destroyed plants around the area? Please pay close attention to what is next to them and think about the ability to let the root grow wherever you want :)

Also you asked for the second puzzle in the darker forest where the animals follow the light: have you already found out why the squirrels steal the light fruits and where they bring them? Now combine that knowledge with the ability to guide the other animals from A to B.

If you have more questions feel free to ask them here!