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This was a great game with some superb writing and a fun story, and a LOT of content for free. I was expecting a short 30 minutes-ish game but it lasted me hours. Definitely looking forward to more if you ever decide to make this a series. Awesome job!

One thing I didn't get though (SPOILERS BELOW)

Towards the end, Harper claims that the reason Angela couldn't be dead is because Warren already proved she was in the photo the influencer took, but I don't remember Warren actually proving that. In fact I don't remember ever determining who that figure was. Did I completely space out on this part, or was it scrapped from the story?

Thanks so much for playing my game! Sorry it took so long for me to respond here.


That one's more of a mistake on my part. I leave it assumed that if Angela is the killer, then she is the person in the photograph. Maybe I spell it out in an optional piece of dialogue somewhere. In either case, you didn't miss anything. I should have made the plot point more clear.  I'm glad you enjoyed everything else!