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Rasmus romance route? 🥺

Love the art style and the story seems fun so far! Looking forward to the next episode!

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I paid for nsfw Version 1.9 but it won’t let me download Version 2. Are we meant to be paying every time a new version gets released?

I hope this gets released on Mac, I love the artwork/visuals!

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Loved the artwork and the cosmic horror vibes, felt very Lovecraftian! I also enjoyed the parallel between Darren not liking being in his own body and the incomprehensible cosmic bodies he’d encounter.

Amazing artwork and visuals! This was a really cool game and the face distortion was a unique take on the one sprite rule :]

Very cool and spooky!

Cool and interesting start! I love the pixel art and character designs!

Really cool artwork! Will this be getting a Mac release?

Love the artwork and surrealist vibes <3 Something about it reminded me of an entry you’d read on the SCP Foundation. Super fun to play through!

Absolutely love the music, vibes, writing, artwork <3 The mindreading was utilized well both as a game mechanic (don’t think I’ve ever seen it used in a VN before) and as a way to flesh out the MC, his insecurities, and his relationship with Mark.

The vibes, music, artwork, nostalgia etc etc are all sooo good already. Excited for more!

Hope Mikey ends up with Cory, although Rachel was oddly my favorite character.

This was such a lovely game! A perfect mix of wholesome and angst, with a well-developed storyline, a vivid fantasy world and some really killer art (I especially love Damian’s character design :3)

This was a cute slice-of-life esque game with some really nice vibes! I love the character artwork too.

Gotta echo everyone’s comments about the fantastic art style and atmosphere. Feels like the art is straight out of a horror comic. Really intriguing story too, looking forward to seeing how things turn out in the next part!

A little on the short side but seems fun so far! I like the black and white sketch-like art style!

Lovely story and great artwork! I enjoyed playing both routes :3

The artstyle looks amazing!! Is this getting a Mac version? :o

Superpowers but with a scientific edge? Intriguing so far!

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This was a fun little game! I enjoyed the various puzzles c: Although i never figured out the final combination

Really tragic and beautiful story. I didn’t expect it to get so heavy haha, but awesome job!

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Cute game :3 love the disparity between the wholesome good and yendere bad endings haha

This demo was a lot of fun and I love the colorful comic-y art style! The kids were pretty funny and all had distinct personalities. Looking forward to playing the full game and romancing some hot dads~

This was really fun, and I love the artwork! Looking forward to seeing the full game!

This was a really cute story, I love the character artwork too!

I love your artwork and character designs! Looking forward to the full game :)

Nice to see Felix again :)

I had no idea there’s gonna be an Up All Night sequel, looking forward to it!

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So stoked to see an update! The writing is just as phenomenal as the first day, super tense and suspenseful (I’m gonna have a legitimate fear of being stranded in Arctic open water by the time the story finishes) but with nice moments of levity here and there. The cast is starting to feel more and more fleshed out, I’m really enjoying Tabby, Dana and Stefan in particular.

Excited for more of this!

Nice creepy little story with great hand-drawn style artwork.

Always love seeing new uploads from you!

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Another top notch entry to the series! I loved how this game expanded on the lore from some of the previous entries, and as someone in the LGBT community I appreciated the themes portrayed a lot.

Love the art and the story seems intriguing so far! Looking forward to the first chapter.

Really great artwork and I’m super intrigued by Z and the game as a whole so far!

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There is a strange disconnect between everyone in the cafe saying "Ewh, what's with that weird girl?" when the art for the girl is this cute, aesthetically pleasing design common to anime. I suppose you need to be able to suspend your disbelief, but for me it was just a little too far for me to believe it. I feel like being mindful of the character's design should be important for this kind of game - and not just about making a pretty waifu for weebs to drool over.

This is explained in the game. Most people are repelled by her because of her curse, that's the reason she draws scorn from others, not because of her appearance or mannerisms. As far as I know there's nothing else meant to be wrong with her.

Fun little game with some great artwork and a nice story! :)

Fantastic work! Project Kat was already great but this improves on the story, gameplay and lore tenfold. Super excited about future chapters and I'm curious to see if Lacie comes back or if we get a new character doing the ritual each chapter.

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Try downloading the itch desktop app ( and launching the game through there. I'm on a Mac and it almost always works for me!

Love this demo! It made me want to play Meopets like it's 2007 again :')

Love this so far! A is kind of a king