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Waltz's and Karma's were my favourite and it may seem a bit rushed with Waltz but I think he has always loved her so it came quite fast, just didn't show it till later. My least favorite was Rumpel's, his story and curse were interesting but I didn't understand the development with Lucette there. I could understand Lucette's feelings but not his.. Felt rushed and also (SPOILER AHEAD) this little drama with his ex was kinda.. meh. This story though is amazing indeed and I can't stop playing it even after finishing it so many times :3

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Completely agree! I figured waltz had loved her before,but i wanted to see more of those childhood moments so i could feel more attached and understand better. And  i feel like Lucette's feelings didn't really develop or she didn't really care about him until his spell was broken? (which i get bc she wouldnt fall in love with a kid,but i wanted to see progression there). I like Karma's a lot too but there also wasn't a lot of depth. Completely agree about the rumpel story!! Honestly,the ex thing just kinda grossed me out.  Like this little 17 year old girl is getting with a practically divorced man,yikes...but i mean it was entertaining! The game is sooo good,i only have Fritz left to finish.
(Oh,also,i felt like i wanted more progression for rod's end? idk)