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I am currently unable to save, both the book and the bed will not actually allow me to save. I get the save screen. but cannot get a save file to actually produce. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Just downloaded the full Mac version.

Any help would be appreciated, as I do not wish to continue without being allowed to save since I did what I needed to do as far as I know/have seen with others to be able to. NGL, a bit salty I wasted such a rare and valuable item due to this happening, but at the time I thought that maybe I was missing something. But as far as I know the bed requires nothing extra so starting to think the book was wasted due to some sort of bug.

Otherwise, great game.


My permissions say that I have permission to read and write, yet cannot save.


You are not missing anything. For some reason the game prevents you from saving.

I've heard that Steam version removes this problem for some. But the thing is that Steam version is the exact same game. This leads me to believe that it's still a matter of permissions, because Steam game originates from Steam so permissions don't become an issue there when you've once given Steam all the rights. 

If you bought the game already, you are also entitled to Steam version. You can email me and I can give it to you. I believe you got my email while purchasing it from here? 

Otherwise, I'll try to investigate what could cause the problem.