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I still haven't checked out your game, but there's one thing I would like to say: I can't put into words how happy it makes me fell that Games made on older versions of RPG Maker still compete at the same level as the modern ones.

I absolutely love RPG Maker XP and 2003, and sometimes it hurts to think that these Engines may become obsolete and left behind someday. I'm glad to see that I'm wrong, I'm glad to see that the power of events can still compete against Scripts and Plug-ins, that a game can be as great as any other game, even without High resolution graphics or framerate and all of those things.

Congratulations, guys! I've just found you on social media, and I'm definitely going to follow your work from now on.

Thanks a lot! I still prefer the good old 2003 XD

But the problem is that it has become too old for me too. I like the feel of old graphics and I like how the events work. And I totally hate how they ruined the event system in the newer versions... but damn, we are in 2019 and I just can't accept to make a game in a 4:3 resolution >__<"

And the 256colors is probably the biggest limit. D:

We'll see... 

I'm thinking on moving to MV. But I'll still use the retrò pixel art graphics, that's for sure!