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This was real fun to play! Some patterns felt weird to me, like the ones the larger enemies at the start throw out with the green, tight waves, but other than that, I think it is great and you gotta make more. You killed it with the train intro and the boss intro, the double boss, the colors and feeling. Feels kind of like it's happening in a sandbox and all the planes are toys.

wow a fan I figured no one would like this game :) Thanks man your praise means alot.
I am taking a short break from game development due to illness I got long covid I am tired and have brain-fog all the dam time.
I must admit I'm not sure if I am going to continue this one I do want to make a shmup but I feel it has to be more original to stand out from the crowd Omega wing was kinda generic.
I quite like the idea of a horizontal shooter set in the

Bermuda triangle where you fight time traveling Nazis and dinosaurs. but like I said I am not doing anything till I feel a little better.

oh one more thing since you liked this game could you play my other 2 games I uploaded to they are also short arcade games thanks

because of your comment, I made a 2nd stage I am REALLY proud of it and can't wait to hear your feedback.