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A beautifully dark game. It took some time for it to grow on me at first, thanks to being annoyed by things such as the Coin Toss/Insta-deaths in the older version, but once I learned to stop treating it as a traditional rpg and discovered the finer intricacies, I came to appreciate this little title for the gem it is. 

That said though, I must still thank both the old gods and the new that you've toned down some of the more BS harsher coin toss/insta deaths and various other balance idiosyncrasies in this latest version, as hopefully it will make trying to start a run much more enjoyable (since even for those who have practice, sometimes there is no luck in this world) and make the game more accessible to people who were interested but put off after they saw how certain fights would come down to a 50/50 life or death choice regardless of skill or preparation. Truly, this is a magnificent update, can't wait to get to it :)

Also, question: are you a Berserk fan by any chance? I just happen to notice quite a few similarities in traits and backstory beats between Le'garde and Griffith, as well as several other characters

Berserk most definitely has had a big impact in making this game. Le'garde is kinda like a poor man's Griffith. He ended up being closer to Griffith than what I originally planned. 

HA! I thought so, that's awesome man XD Cool beans.

Hey I'm glad you like the game! The first impressions can be a bit harsh, but it seems like when people force through the opening areas the game starts to click more. It's great people are willing to give the game a chance regradless :-)