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oh my, please gimme some more info so i can see how to balance some more tho~

Generally, in this kind of games, the odds for players to come across positive events  is similar to  the negative ones. So let's just look into the most common events. You will need 5 hours to gain meat, and then 8 hours to turn the meat into 5 tokens, so you need 13 hours to get 5 tokens. And you need to sleep every 4 days minimally( maybe that's not precise enough though). So you need to get 300 tokens in 24 days, that's 12.5 per day, but you can only get 9.2 tokens a day in average. So if you are not super lucky, you are bound to lose. Viable solutions are increasing the basic revenue to 6 or 7 tokens, decrease the time needed for sleep will be good too( I presume that 8 hours work time won't be changed). Maybe you can also make the game play longer, there are some interesting events I would like to come across( like dueling with the samurai and eventually get his sword), but due to my lacking of time, they become negative events for me actually. If I can get more time to play( like the game goal is to survive 3 months and you need to pay 300 tokens at the end of each months), those events won't cause great financial problems. (plus, nerf the "sleep on clients" event! It ruins an entire game run!)