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I absolutely loved this game ... although I couldn't figure the mechanics out for the life of me, so I started to just have some fun with it xD

A new mechanic made for a new change of pace, and an interesting creature I attempted to draw for the thumbnail-

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That's a great video ! Thank you very much for playing our game !

I noticed you died several times on the edge of the forest. It's due to our implementation of the boundaries of the level : when you are almost outside of the level (which is empty), the Monster will automatically and quite quickly reach and kill you. This prevents you to exit the map.

If you stay inside the forest, the behavior of the Monster should be easier to understand and to predict :-)

Edit: your thumbnail kicks ass !


Damn, I gotcha. That's a smart way to do it haha! I never even put that together! XD That's awesome lol

And thank you!