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I love your work and The Rose of Segunda. It is beautifully written and the art is fantastic. I have a problem though. I have been trying to download the demo of teh thorns of war for a while now but it says there was a failure and just in the middle of downloading it is closed off. I logged in my account to see if that was the problem, but it says I have no access from the author. Is there anyway we can fix this?

Eh, that's odd. I've never heard of anything like that before. 

The page and files are 'public' (as opposed to restricted access), so I'm surprised it is having trouble. Which version were you trying to download, please? Demo2? 

And is it for windows or mac or linux?

Right, I just downloaded all three (windows, mac and linux) with no trouble, so just to double check, was it the link on the main game page you are using or the devlog? And if using the devlog, was it #0 or #1 please?  

The links in devlog #0 will no longer work as they link to  an older copy of the game, but those on the main page or #1 should be working.