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When I started making the game I was SURE I wanted to have choices and stuff (thus making it a normal visual novel and not a kinetic one) but as the game progressed, I realized that it.. ended up being a lot more closer to me (and my dreams) than I first thought it would. 

A similar thing happened when I made Picture of a Daydream. However, the events that inspired PoaD happened a long time ago (8ish years) so I probably felt more disconnected and thus able to talk about the subject without necessarily writing all of myself into it. Where the events that inspired this game are happening RIGHT NOW (and are a large part of my currently depressed state).

A lot of the reactions and thoughts the main character has in the game are relatively close to how I would react (clumsiness, cringe and mixed, nonsensical thoughts at least partly included!)! Essentially, I didn't want anyone to make the story theirs through choices because I (perhaps selfishly) wanted it to be MY story.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it!