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Submitted by Princesseuh (@_princesseuh) — 38 minutes, 6 seconds before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

C'était vraiment agréable comme narration, on dirait un compte de Noël moderne avec ce qu'il faut  comme équilibre entre introspection & fantaisie. ♥ (EDIT: Ooops, didn't realise I was supposed to comment in English, well, whatever !~)


Au final l'aspect hiver/Noël est pas aussi intense que ce que je voulais faire à la base mais je suis contente si ce côté se resent quand même - et oui, introspection et fantaisie décrit bien le jeu.

Même si bon, je pense que l'auteure aimerait que ce ne soit pas que de la fantaisie parfois :) 

Merci d'avoir joué! 


The story is great, but it's also its weak point. It's only a story, not a game. The storytelling is nice, and works great (even though sometimes the screen just skipped at the end of a sentence without clicking), but you have no choice here (except the name, but it doesn't change anything).
Completed in around 15 minutes. I really liked the story tbh, but I'm not fan of NVL style without any visuals (I don't read books, that might explain why..). 4/5 stars because it's a good job !


When I started making the game I was SURE I wanted to have choices and stuff (thus making it a normal visual novel and not a kinetic one) but as the game progressed, I realized that it.. ended up being a lot more closer to me (and my dreams) than I first thought it would. 

A similar thing happened when I made Picture of a Daydream. However, the events that inspired PoaD happened a long time ago (8ish years) so I probably felt more disconnected and thus able to talk about the subject without necessarily writing all of myself into it. Where the events that inspired this game are happening RIGHT NOW (and are a large part of my currently depressed state).

A lot of the reactions and thoughts the main character has in the game are relatively close to how I would react (clumsiness, cringe and mixed, nonsensical thoughts at least partly included!)! Essentially, I didn't want anyone to make the story theirs through choices because I (perhaps selfishly) wanted it to be MY story.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Another pretentious "art piece" from this author. She probably wishes she was even a quarter as good as some of the people she admire in this genre. 

Turns out she's just one thing : Hopeless.

EDIT : Alright, I realize I'm being a little hard on her. 

Honestly I just felt like the game fell apart during some parts. It seems like she tried to redo Picture of a Daydream but with another theme (PoaD was about the illusion of some friendships, TwbS is about finding people who accept you no matter your differences) but due to the genre difference, she couldn't rely on her mapping (and overall ambiance) skills to carry the messy narration for her.