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Ran into a bug where I lost my pyromancy trick spell after a save. Can't exactly remember all the steps between the two points. I know I learned the spell from the hexen, freed the girl, a few other things and then saved. The spell was missing after reload, even though the hexen still shows it as learned, and I've continued to play that run with no other problems learning and using other spells. Wish I could remember more details about my steps along the way. Hope it helps.

That sucks... I actually haven't heard similar things happen to others yet. I can't really think up anything that would remove the magic, unless you did the marriage of flesh?

No marriage.  Nothing that changed my character or situation drastically. Its why I wish I could remember more of what I actually did between learning and saving,  or noticed exactly when it happened.  Still enjoying the game, though. One of the best Ive played in a long time.  Feel like that needed to be said. Thanks for that and keep it up. 

Hey thanks for the nice words! It's a mysterious bug because I can't think any situation in the game besides marriage of flesh where skills would be erased.