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I just wanna say one thing, BEST FAP EVER. Usually I have played many hentai games but this one surprising excites me out of them all but i'm sure hentai is what it wasn't going for, the thought of voluptuous women going on a mission to fight aliens Ala Metal Slug mixed with gore really gives the game personality. The title screen and briefing missions give reminisce of old Newground flash games which is a good thing since more modern indie games lack that charm. The sprites are fairly well done (I actually would like to see a sprite sheet of the female characters for research purposes).

But enough about the artstyle. Let's talk about the gameplay, that is the only flaw with it. The game plays in a style of classic run and gun shooters but I felt like there was lacking some in terms of movement. I think it would have been appropriate to have more movement while aiming like ducking, aiming up, or that aiming technique where you hold up and left at the same time like contra. I also kind of felt the game was unforgiving at some points, the game gives you a checkpoint every time you've completed 10 levels but when you die during that level's "chapter" it resets back from the first level the chapter begins. Making the whole process a bit tedious, I feel like it would be better if it had the option to have checkpoint mark throughout the levels so when you lose all your lives you won't have to start back at the very beginning of the set of levels the chapter has. 

I would love to see this series, Busted Brats remade, honestly. I like the idea of the style. I'd like to see it redone with bigger sprites and more mechanics added to it (Like even seeing enemies being lit on fire or more gore) along with rewards for completing chapters like little still images of the Brunette Brigade taking little breaks or sexually suggestive stuff that gets more explicit to give the player an idea that there are more along the way (though I will admit the outro does do that job)

But yeah I hope this review was helpful and wish to see more Busted Brats content later on. Or possibly a porn game perhaps? In the gameplay style of BARRAGE, an action platformer similar to this made by Acid Style. That would be awesome and will rake in the patreon bucks. Possibly on dlsite too. Well I'm gonna go fap to the art more and beginning cutscene of bust out.

Thanks for the replay and the review. 

I am in this moment (well, in about 20 minutes, just got up) working on a completely new Jump'n'Run-Engine that allows for far more flexibility. in movement and all. The first game with it will be a little test-game, that I also use to implement and test new features. It will be a little puzzle-platformer.
But one of the games that are planned with it is "Battle Slut XXX" (which then obvioulsy will be a Metal Slug X homage) and a remake of Suicide Mission with good graphics and better gameplay.

Awesome, I honestly cannot wait. One more question though, what do the keys do?

They unlock the final stage. :)