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I honestly do like this game overall, but I feel that I probably liked your other game, A Hand in Darkness, more. There were times where it also felt like the romance took a bit of a back seat to the overall plot (rather than working along side it) and some of the smut (I wasn't happy to have the MC do a 3 way to get to Biel's route when I began playing for the first time either). Plus the romance sort of appears quite a bit late in the game or that is what it felt like to me. Overall. I'm glad to have supported you as I have faith in what you can do and so I want to share both criticism and praise. The main plot was intriguing and I feel for most of the characters...except Marc. The art was nice and I have no problems with the music either. Plus the voice acting was spot on. Backgrounds were also well-drawn and I have a fondness for Biel and Pol as people. Congratulations on your newest game and good luck with your fututre ones. I eagerly look forward to what you create next.

Thank you for your words! And you are completely right: the focus  wasn't the romance this time. I wanted to have a story with steampunk elements and moral choices, where the protagonist just happened to be gay and open to casual sex with someone he shouldn't date.

I hope you enjoy more of My Burning Heart, which is definitely more focused on romance and sexy moments ;)