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*coughs and composes self*

First of all, I'm horribly remiss in expressing my LOVE for 'Rose'.  My dear friend leogrl19 introduced it to me months ago and I fell so in love with the art, story and - of course - my darling Charlotte!  SHE'S SO WONDERFUL OMG!!!!!!!!  *squees forever*

Truly though, you created an engaging and layered game that held me rapt the whole way through.  The characters were intriguing and realistic, the setting immersive with a good balance of stakes and light-hearted shenanigans, and the way your MC developed was so dynamic.  I LOVED how even though you were able to influence her personality/how she handled certain events, she was always distinctly her own person - so ALIVE.

That's why when leogrl19 told me that there was a sequel forthcoming and a DEMO I was ALL OVER IT!  As you've no doubt heard from her, I'm the friend who played through Charlotte's route (we had a great time discovering the new setting post Rose, as well as contemplating the possible trajectories the sequel could take each respective character in).  She and I are writers so we ADORE both excellent writing and analysing the internal mechanisms that create truly Great narratives.

Also ~ fun fact:  leogrl19 and I voice act all the characters as we're playing.  It adds a whole other layer of WONDERFUL let me tell you!  ^^

Since I was horribly remiss in sharing my love for your marvelous creation after playing Rose, it's only right that I should provide FB for what I've seen of the sequel.  Some of these points may have already been touched upon in leogrl19's correspondences with you, so I hope to offer an additional angle to the experience.

Immediately upon beginning you're thrust right into the world.  Most notably, although it's been years between Rose and this game, you're sucked right back into the dynamic of the couple.  It was like I'd never been apart from MC and Charlotte.  I could see the aspects of their characters I fell in love with/that made them such a great couple to me, yet also with this sense of Growth.  They've become comfortable with each other after years of being together, and it shows in the small gestures and sensitivity they show.  That's beautiful and is such a Positive way to start a sequel - recapturing the Love of the first game.

In addition to rekindling that sense of connection from past experience, you're also placed into the situation in conjunction with them.  They've been away for two years, out of the loop of what's been happening in Segunda, which directly mirrors the player's experience.  It really helps immersion when you're learning alongside them, getting to share their reactions.

The three scenes in Charlotte's route are Marvelously flushed out.  The Inn gives them some alone time to establish their current relationship/the current political status ; the party dives deeper into the perspective those at home have of their behaviour, as well as Charlotte sees how her family in particular has been affected by the political atmosphere and her absence ; the carriage ride truly sets the stage (and stakes) for what Charlotte's route will entail.  Each scene is rich in character depth and circumstantial intrigue.  It just makes me SUPER EXCITED for what's to come!!!!!

What I find particularly thought-provoking is how MC will handle the new role being thrust onto her via her mother and the choices that will mean for her family as well as her relationship with Charlotte.  It's clear that Charlotte harbours enormous guilt for leaving her family like she did, even before she learns that it's basically come apart, with her father and mother hardly around, her brother feeling abandoned (even by their nursey) and the incredible Risk inherent in the DeSouza's being closer to the Crown.

I suspect this tension will manifest, at least in part, in some regret for her travelling with MC, despite their love.  This would be Fascinating and so Real - of course she'd wonder if things wouldn't have turned out so badly if she'd stayed instead of giving in to her desires.  And for MC - there may come some resentment from Charlotte feeling this way, since she's given the woman she loves so much - continues to support her financially as well as emotionally - and yet has to deal with this lack of returned appreciation.  And then may even come a terrible choice: for MC to choose the well-being of her family's status over her lover - or even her lover's family.  OH MY!  Wouldn't that be Terrible!  Family is so important to Charlotte (especially her little brother, and you so powerfully see the sundering that has occurred between them) so if MC let Charlotte's family crash and burn, even if it was to protect her...

The dramatic possibilities are VERY ripe here.

I can't WAIT to see more updates/have access to the full game!   I hope this FB has been helpful to you and if I think of anything else as I play through it again I will share.

Thank you so much for giving us such a GREAT game with TWO romance-able women.  It is a rare and Blessed thing to see.

Wishing you the best,

Hello, CynthiaER, and thank you for the kind feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed 'Rose' and are looking forward to 'Thorns' - your comment about doing all the voices with your friend made me smile.

Yes, Charlotte's route has a lot of possibilities for drama. I hope I can provide some interesting scenarios for players to navigate (without making them feel like they are being forced down any particular path ^_^).

Thanks for playing