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I wasn't expecting much (no literally, there's no info or screen for the game! :p) but the narration really caught me off guard! I enjoyed every moment of it and ended up caring a lot for these characters I've just met. I really hope you'll continue the project and that we'll be able to experience all the options that are teased in it! (PS: Aberline best waifu ♥)


Ahah, yeah, sorry about that, I didn't have the time to do anything other than uploading the game last night, I really had to go to bed bc of school ; but now there are PICTURES (*crowd cheers*). I'm really glad you got attached to the characters in such a short time, especially since I had more character development planned for everyone (AND another character who didn't even get to show up lmao), and after having cut out so much from the game I was afraid they wouldn't really matter in the end.

I'll see about continuing the project, I was having fun with it ahah
(And saaaame, she's my fav, that's why I focused on getting her ending out <3)

Thanks again!!!!