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Jan. 2nd—5th
Łukasz adds even more sound effects, including squeaky sound for hammer. ^^
Archon provides voice sample used for Gramytatywnie version of game.
Discovered and fixed that starting a new game after viewing ending will crash the game.
Briefly consider going a kickstarter route for an extended version of game. Eventually decide not to, and let game stand alone as it is.
Bug discovered and fixed: passwords causing crashes. A side-effect of a recent bugfix.

Jan. 6th
Gramytatywnie auction winners' custom ROMs are sent to Emunes.PL.
Decision to enter NESDev competition is finalized. Work continues on branched-off version to get game back into 64KB restriction of competition.  These include: removing voice sample, removing one music track, Through the Sewers, Łukasz trims remaining tracks, additional 
Discussion begins on a MGS:VR Missions-inspired level editor based on game engine.

Jan. 25th
Box art for auction carts sent for production. 

Jan. 31st
Competition version submitted for NESDev Coding Competition.