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Hello Again

I have found another glitch, this one involving the decaying knight that is guarding the alchemist's quarters. I destroyed all of his pieces of armor and the combat should have ended (I couldnt attack the ghostly knight as thats just how the combat of the fight is)

But as I destroyed all of its armor and couldnt target the enemy anymore, the combat did not end. Instead it just kept going, killing my entire party without me being able to do anything about it. I used the ability Leg Sweep on the knight and that may have been the problem???

Also, some enemies take their turns in the middle of my party attacks, sometimes resulting in more than three attacks per turn, then the enemies attack. This also happened when I would dismember an enemy's legs to get a hit on the head to end combat, I would hit the head and the body would phase away, then it would stop with only the enemies head and attack, do its attack, then finally the combat would end.

The enemy head thing is definitely a bug. Thanks for letting me know! Some attacks can however happen between turns. The decaying knight should be fixed in the update 1.1.0.