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OH MY THank you so, so much for the video <3 <3 I'm so happy!! I'll watch it through and see how to fix the error and see if I can do some editing.

I'm also sorry for the cringe ahaha Sexuality isn't something I write very well or enjoy writing, but it was part of the challenge. I prefer to write chaste relationships just simply because it's easier to write as someone who's ace. Azreal is actually an incubus in his main story slightly more sexualized than Angelo and I honestly wanted to cut so much of it out but I decided to leave a lot of it ambig. The sexual parts have no real weight in the canon, meaning that the scenes you see are up for interpretation. I hate them 100% too so you're just feeling my cringe while writing tbh. 

I'm so, so glad you enjoyed it <3 This was great to wake up to.