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Dec. 17th
Actively acknowledge game is not reflex-based, and use that to inform decisions of what to cut and what to leave, in terms of features. Ultimately resulting in a game with essentially no timing-based mechanics, only planning and and execution.
A crash-causing glitch exclusive to NTSC hardware arises late (as former testing had been done on a PAL machine), and corrected.
Added a push-back effect for placing a chew toy in an area only partially obstructed by Grunio.

Dec. 18th
A lot stages get revised.
There is some pressure to finish game from outside sources for Christmas. Eventually decide that a polished game after Christmas is better than a rushed one before.
Increased freedom of which player-modes when player can perform actions from.
Teetering unexpectedly pauses explosions.

Dec. 19th—23rd

Room order decided.
New room designed to replace a subpar one.
Ending animation created.
Google Drive creates major troubles with its handling of conflict copies.

Dec. 26th—30th
My wife completes a full playthrough of the game. Stated intent to kill me at a couple of the difficulty spikes. 
Further room revisions.
Room titles and game dialog revised. Łukasz finishes translating game text into Polish.

Dec. 31st
Initial track listing proposed, all from Shiru.

Title & Ending: Spring Thing (Same as we [were] using [before])
Rooms 01-06 (Mustard): Lost in Hyperspace  Lone FIghter
Rooms 07-12 (Brown): Lone Fighter Encounter
Rooms 03-18 (Teal): Through Sewers
Rooms 19-24 (Pink): Intruder Alert

(Strikethrough text denotes initial contemplation. These tracks will be used for Gramytatywnie release.  Alterations will be made later to fit into competition size restrictions.)

Jan. 1st
Final in-game credits made. Some additional text characters added to chr file.
Google Drive's method renaming of conflict duplicates proves to continue to be an issue. Seems less and less likely maintaining current workflow will be viable with it.
Heavy bugs from BGM arise (music sometimes playing at wrong tempo, buzzing sound instead of tracks starting sometimes, etc.)
BGM issues fixed.

hm, by debugger, it seems music change gets interrupted by vblank. So while driver is making preparations for starting the music, it gets interrupted by nmi code-which also makes changes to famitracker RAM. Makes sense it would randomly and rarely glitch out. Luckily, there's an easy fix.