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Dec. 9—10th
Łukasz proposed rooms with multiple keys. I create graphics for a mult-lock door, where additional locks would explode so that new door-opening animation wouldn't need to be made. Łukasz agrees to code in variable homing positions for keys based on number of locks remaining.

I believe we later decided to re-order locks.
New rooms created are being labeled A,B,C, etc. so as not to be confusing when reordered for final game. Aside from Łukasz' first 6 rooms, up to room F has been created. Łukasz  has provided room concepts which will later be used for three more rooms.
Collision bug which allows Grunio to climb into a wall discovered. Additional problems with stool-pushing arise.
Ability to jump from teetering added.

Dec. 11th
Decision to have explosions also update surrounding area for correct lighting and shadows as terrain changes is made. Problem arises that too many simulataneous metatile updates would crash game. To save further development time, decision is made to just run additional explosions to update these areas. Logically an issue, but looks cool because of more explosions.
Pausing during Cavyvision crashes game. Uh-oh!
I have become obsessed with the design of a single room, temporarily dubbed "hammer maze" (would later become Hammer Time in release version of game.) My goals for such a room were:

* the correct path provides exactly how many hammers the player needs.
*at least 2-3 choices where the player can choose incorrect paths (and run out of hammers)
* some bonus for the carrot (maybe a shortcut gives one hammer extra, or a seeming risk leads to something)

Pause menu edited to move text into overscan-safe zone.

Dec. 12th—14th
Explosion graphics optimized. Previously, two frames of the animation had used 8 tiles each, with 4 tiles per scanline. After , every frame is 4 tiles only with only 2 tiles per scanline.
More stool and teetering issues arise and are taken care of.
Collision refined for better symmetry.
Password glitch discovered and fixed.
Nineteen rooms have been designed.

Dec. 15th—16th
Stool is fixed.
Multi-lock code for doors is added.
CHR data opened up by nudging freeing up tiles in Grunio's body that could be dupes of others at offsets.
It is decided that the best way to release the game would be by entering it into the NESDev Coding Competition.
Data is reorganized to allow a 64KB build to adhere to competition guidelines.
Random explosion instance isolated and corrected.
First instance of black-screen-of-death crashes occurs.
Only three rooms left to design.
The slowing of music while in Cavyvision is added.
Additional sound effects created and added.