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My wait is fruitful!!! At long last I hold it in these mortal hands - the extended demo!!! 

TTOW is such a natural, logical expansion of TROS and I love the plot already. The stakes! The implications!! The intrigue!!! I CAN'T WAIT to get into the politicking and international diplomacy bit of the game. Anyway, this is an especially perfect continuation to Leo's and Guillaume's (why is your name impossible to nickname) endings. They weren't my superfavourites but their routes in TROS pretty much set up the entire plot of TTOW, so their TTOW routes are probably going to be the most involving and interesting plot-wise, since they place MC at the beating heart of the action.

Speaking of the civil war duo, I've already imprinted on Leo's route. The Leo/MC relationship is relationship goals x1000. I love my cunning revolutionary lovebirds, the couple that plots a coup together stays together. I also CAN'T WAIT to see the Leo + MC vs. Guillaume + Francesca conflict that the screenshots imply, especially if MC was originally chosen as princess! I can't wait for vicious conflict in general, what can I say, I'm a bird of prey. Guillaume worries me as usual. I felt like I was walking a tightrope every time anything political or concerning his father came up in conversation, or like I slipped and fell into the thriller genre haha. Don't know if it was intended but I feel very tense and like his father's balls to the walls insanity is driving a wedge between me and this fictional character, and also I love that. 

Speaking of wedges! BASTIEN! Of course his dad's death was gonna have a presence in his story, but damn I didn't expect it like this lol. I love the direction his route is taking, it's really unique/different not just from the other routes in this game but most otome routes in general. MC blowing up at Bastian when he calls their marriage his failure was soooo good, it's one of my favourite scenes so far (the others being MC spinning that yarn about her and Fred being kidnapped by pirates, which I laughed at for a good five minutes; and finding out MC and Charly have become minor celebrities with a fan club in their absence; and then that scene where MC is describing the utter dread she's feeling when her mom manifests in the physical plane at the de Souza's but her sprite immediately starts smiling with the brightness of the sun itself and she's just like ''Mother! :D'' lmao... I love her...) 

Oh man I should really be studying right now. Anyway my favourite characters are all di Parisis: 1. MC, 2. Frederique, 3. Mom. Which is, well. All the di Parisis, actually, who have faces. They're a charismatic lot. But my point is, holy crap the Duchess di Parisi is a great character, even if she can be a bit awful at times. She's a force of nature for sure. I love the way she accepts Bas as a son in his route, I really didn't expect that and it warmed my black heart. On Fred's route too, when she sees her children again for the first time in two years is a great scene, and also a little heartbreaking. Which does she love more, her family or the di Parisi? Do I want to know the answer lol??? I wonder if she'll ever at least kind of be able to accept MC and Fred being in love. I haven't mentioned Frederique much but his is the only prologue I played through twice haha, it's just that not much has happened yet, but I want the world to know that he is still Best Boy now and forevermore. OK I REALLY should be studying right now. 

Some hopefully not too spoilery questions:
- How deeply can MC influence the outcome of the civil war/future of Segunda in general during the game?
- What are the new skills? 
- How many endings per route will there be? 
- Can you ''become the mask'' and fall in actual love with Guillaume on the loveless route? Will romance with other characters be available on the loveless route? 
- Is the new secret romance a new or a returning character?
- How bad ARE Frederique's gambling debts???


Ah, so you were one of the patient ones? Hats off to you, because waiting is something I am just no good at. ^_^

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it so far and you like the direction things are heading in. 

As for your questions:

It depends on the route you are playing - the closer you are to the crown, the more influence you'll be able to have on the conflict, and I want there to be a few different ways to succeed since success is kind of subjective (for example, an ending where the Parisi are very powerful but your marriage has broken down - whether that is a success or a failure would depend on your personal outlook).

The new skills will be dependant on your partner and reflect what you have picked up in the last two years. There is one for each partner and they are permanent. So say you played Leo's route first - the skill you have acquired with him will be unlocked not only for that route but for all routes you play afterwards. I have a rough idea on what I would like the skills to be, but I'll see how my ideas develop as I write the routes.

At the moment I am looking at 3/4 endings for each route with variations available  dependant on what you chose in the game (like having children or not as an example).

You can fall in love with Guillaume in the loveless route, but not the route where you are pretending to love him. I am toying with the idea of letting you have another romance option in the loveless route (I won't say who, lol) but it will depend on how the writing goes.  

The secret romance is a new character.

Not that bad - I think it's his bar tab that's probably costing the Duchess. It's very easy to be generous when it's someone else's money.  ^_^

Thanks for playing