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Okay I really like this game, but the coin flip instant run enders are bullshit to say the least especially when saving is so rare! I was only able to save 11 minutes into my run, only able to find one way to save which IN AND OF ITSELF WAS A COIN FLIP WHETHER IT WAS A PASS OR FAIL! But then I continue on this run for another hour and a half, and then coin flip time..... Fail.... I wasted and hour and thirty minutes of my time essentially. Not okay 

Yeah I hear you. It's a bit too cruel I admit.

The good news are that I've been crafting an update to the game according to the feedback and it's coming out in the next couple of days. It's pretty big overhaul on the balance and there are some additional things added to the game too.

Okay man, keep up the good work! I love what you have going on here and how receptive you are to the community, its great.