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Nov. 28th
Levers added.
New BG metatiles constructed and first three rooms reskinned with new BG graphics.
HUD improved with sprite overlays. 

Nov. 29th
Two tracks from Shiru, Lone Fighter and Spring Thing,  added (originally as placeholders). 
Additional layer of room data organized in editor. (for customizable visuals to be revealed behind chewtoy metatiles once destroyed).
Archon and Łukasz' siblings provide first wave of play tests.  Some bugs fixed. Most notable feedback was for need to restart room.
Łukasz designs an additional room.

Nov. 30th
Spot illustration made and label design started.
Decision to allow wider, free jumps and climbing is made. (Previous design plan would have  Grunio shake his head and refuse to jump if unable to land on a block with equal x value.  Would have greatly reduced platforming aspect of game.) fb page posts a preview image
Teetering, tumbling, and falling transition animations added.
Teetering and stool present a challenge with unexpected interactions, prove to be a major dilemma. 

Dec. 1st
Cart label designed. 

Mock-up carts photographed:

Image source:'s facebook page

After considering removing either stool or teetering, conflict finally solved.

Łukasz :
"There are two detection points in front of Grunio. One is at one pixel ahead and second is 8 pixels ahead. These detect for the stool. This doesn't cover the full possible distance between a ledge and stool, yes. So if piggie starts teetering on ledge (stool is too far for piggie to walk onto it), hitbox for stool gravity collision will be resized down. This way we allow player to walk on a stool that's offset a little from the ledge and, when it becomes visually unplausible for piggie to cross over, we start teetering code."

Łukasz designs fifth stage.
Trying to maintain Game Jam momentum begins to take its toll physically.

Dec 2nd—4th
Gramytatywnie event held.
Cart auctions in progress.
Teleport feature added.
Łukasz adds parallax scrolling to credits screen.
Emunes splash screen designed:

This screen was used exclusively for the auction carts, as the extent of emunes's involvement was their physical production. Removal of it was also essential for trimming the ROM size down to 64K for NESDev Coding Competition requirements.