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Encountered a bug, not sure if it's been reported. Playing V1.0.3 during the sequence when you first meet Lord Buckman. I was walking up the middle of the hall my character stopped, and the sequence started but his sprite wan't there, it ran through the dialog. Once it finished he wasn't in the cell and the sequence with the torturer never activated. Thankfully you can proceed without his key.

Another possible bug. I went to the Mines and the Ghost Knight that protects the Alchemist was guarding the hall outside the Salmonsnake.

Also lost the use of all items in my bag after reloading my save. Had to close and reopen the application to fix it.

One last bug for me to report. When using the Demon Seed ability on the Crow Maulers corpse when he's in the free save bedroom. The Pixels become broken (clear box surrounded by broken pixels). This bug is minor as you still get the baby. and everything fixes once it's finished. Also I trapped his soul... does it no longer become an accessory? it shows up under items instead of armor.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I'll check that Buckman thing and see if a fix will make to the next update...

- The mines ghost is not a bug, sometimes it just patrols further down the mines.

- It's the first time I've heard about the item bag problem. There is this mysterious bug where sometimes the menu blocks you from using some items, but it usually goes away once you walk around few rooms or so. Or go to a battle or something like that. I'll still look into what could be causing it, but from my experience the effect of the bug is not permanent.

- I need to check this crow mauler bug too! Some enemy souls can be used as an armor. They are actually pretty useful. I recommend checking it out!