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As bgovetas has mentioned, it is quite easy to accomplish this using Maxwell.

Here are some more in-depth instructions:

  1. OSC X - set to linear mode and increase the "amplitude" control to max
  2. OSC Y - set to the waveform type you would like to achieve and adjust amplitude to desired height
  3. Draw Mode: Select "blanking" to blank the output once the end of the frame is reached when looping back to the beginning


Adjusting the "phase mod" of OSC Y will modulate the phase over time (make the shape move) - The amount applied adjust the rate at which the phase modulates (speed of change)

Very basic FM waveforms can be generated by the following:

Set the phase-offset inter-frame modulation type to LFO 1 and adjust the LFO 1 frequency to somewhere in the range of 0-4 and adjust the phase modulation of LFO 1 to taste.