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Hi - I'm trying to create simple laser 2D waveforms, sine and triangle waves, as one would on an oscilloscope. What would this patch look like using Maxwell? Many thanks, and again great job with the software.

I'd say on the x oscillator, use a line wave (which would simulate a sawtooth wave) and use your desired wave on the y-axis. if you don't want that line from the end of the draw back to the beginning, click 'blanking' by the built-in preview! Hope that helps.

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As bgovetas has mentioned, it is quite easy to accomplish this using Maxwell.

Here are some more in-depth instructions:

  1. OSC X - set to linear mode and increase the "amplitude" control to max
  2. OSC Y - set to the waveform type you would like to achieve and adjust amplitude to desired height
  3. Draw Mode: Select "blanking" to blank the output once the end of the frame is reached when looping back to the beginning


Adjusting the "phase mod" of OSC Y will modulate the phase over time (make the shape move) - The amount applied adjust the rate at which the phase modulates (speed of change)

Very basic FM waveforms can be generated by the following:

Set the phase-offset inter-frame modulation type to LFO 1 and adjust the LFO 1 frequency to somewhere in the range of 0-4 and adjust the phase modulation of LFO 1 to taste.