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I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed this game, My GOSH. The demo ends right at the climax of the story and the music puts a great touch the gameplay, but here are a little critiques that could make the game better. 

- press had an extra 's' and is spelled "presss" in the demo ( not really anything but a simple fix."

- I'd imagine that there will be a settings in-game when it releases and will allow for the gamer to change display and resolution

- The passionate music played when the lantern reminisces about his past lovers sets a great tone to the gameplay. It would also be great if we could find out more about the lantern earlier in the story and why we have a need for him besides that it's dark, why he's stuck in the lantern, and what he has to do with the relations between him and the codye kid. (Sorry if I miss spelled his name.)

- A cool idea could be that gamer controlled character takes over the screen and pulls out a letter to write/or written of who he is and what happened to him, being that reason why he has come to Lemuria. Is he an explorer or an unfortunate victim to Lemuria. 

This helps and allows for the gamer to get a better understanding of the character and feel more towards the characters in the story. Additionally, there could be an added flair to the lantern like a flame lit eyeball or a little person.

- The puzzle based on the prism shaped rubies on the stone casket was intriguing and kudos to whoever came up with the idea. 

In conclusion, this game is remarkable to still be in development and if I had to rate Lemuria, I'd give it an 8/10

Hope to see more 


We appreciate the feedback! This will be helpful for our next release in the beta cycle.