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Great art style btw!! Really hope to get farther into the game soon.

One concern: I'm definitely not a grinder but this game gives me major Crypt of the Necrodancer vibes with how hard the enemies are. I chose Ygraku as my god, so that definitely hinders my situation, my fault for that tho lol. The enemies doing so much damage so early on in the game is a bit much for new players, in my opinion.

The dungeon in the third checkpoint seems a bit clustered, as well.

In general I'm still getting used to this game only having played it for my first time for an hour straight, but I'm really looking forward to playing it again!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing the game.

You should not pick Ygraku! It gives you -80% Max health which means everything kills you in one hit, it's for people that want more challenge.