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Found the answer to my own question. Just had to click around in the right places. Love the generator. Thank you. I am new to this and a little confused about how to get the images that are generated for us. Tried right clicking and checked all links on the page to no avail. Anyone care to share other than printing the screen? Thanks in advance,


If you "right click" & choose "save as PNG" from the drop-down menu.   That saves it as a PNG (picture file) in your Downloads folder. In that same drop-down menu you can click on "Notes Mode". This gives you a sub-menu that allows you to change the map so it only displays "Room Numbers". You can then "Save as PNG" & upload or email it to your players, giving them a map they can use but keeping the contents of the rooms a surprise to your players. You should also be able to edit the PNG in whatever picture editing tools you have on your computer, ie. MS Paint, PhotoShop etc. FYI: Once you right-click to get the drop-down menu, you may have to "scroll down" the page to see all the options in that drop-down menu, as the drop-down menu can be quite long. I hope this helps :-)