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That's strange o.o
Have you followed the exact choices? The crucial part is you have to save Reksa, but then Be Honest. << This is a part of requirements to unlock the choice to give him other item besides the explosives.

You also cannot raise the affection of other bachelors ><

Really?  I did that, but still didn't get the choice to give Rama anything else besides the explosives (since I'm guessing that's what you're talking about).  Are you sure you don't have to do anything else? I know there's an ending for Reksa, but I don't know how to get there.

Really! o.o;
There should be no problem with the programming since a lot of people get Rama's good end. 
As for Reksa's route, you need to save him and then lie to him. That way, you'll lead Reksa to a cave. To get into his route, you'll simply have to visit Reksa whenever there's a choice to do that.

Oh, have you taken a look at my old walkthrough? OuO

It's old, but the important points are there~

oh, thanks