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oh, this is adorable! and nice to see some actually good looking boob physics, like they are genuinely adorable and realistic seeming. that's honestly one of our biggest pet peeves in lewd games - like, what's better? realistic tits that bounce around when they actually should, or boobs that the second the person moves even slightly they start flopping around like slightly deflated balloons in the wind?

anyway yeah, this is adorable and we're super excited to see where it goes ^^


Hey thanks alot!~
Yeah, I also think that if you exaggerate it too much it starts becoming.. kind of unrelatable at some point, so it would stop being hot to me too, even tho pronouncing certain elements beyond actual realism can still be nice alot of the time.

you will become the good of boob physics, greater than dead or alive, bouncier than senran kagura ! saemi we need a crown for u


Oh HELLyeah, can you make that crown for me? You should totally give me a boob physics crown, that would be amazing XD