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It might just be me, but my GTX 1050 Ti needed the game to be on the setting for "GTX 960 or similar" in order to consistently get over 10 FPS, even then the game averaged around 15-16, and is taking up 100% of my GPU according to task manager. Am I doing something wrong, or is the 1050 Ti a "potato" (I didn't see it listed, but I thought it would out-perform the 960)

EDIT: The game runs smoothly on potato setting but is now far too small for my display.

EDIT: After uninstalling the copy of McAfee that came with my PDF reader, turning off the Nvidia battery saving mode, and updating my drivers, I can get 25-30 FPS on the 960 mode, which is tolerable.

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I have a 1050 ti to and I get 60-30 fps on the "980" preference. Not sure what would cause it to go to 10 unless the cpu held it back.

It shouldn't my CPU was only at 5% usage and is a 7th gen core i7

the gtx 1050ti isn't much better than the 960. They're almost the same performance wise