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The player movement has been hard for folks to adjust to, myself included. It feels unresponsive because the game takes place in discrete “turns” that last about half a second, and the state of the game doesn’t change until a turn begins.

Obviously you want to allow players to start moving immediately, but doing this in a visually nice way while preserving the very rigid turn-based nature of the game turns out to be a hard problem.

If nothing but the player could move on its own, you could fake it and start a “movement turn” whenever the player moved, but with other things moving you need a way to lock everyone to the same rules to prevent weirdness.

There’s a very long discussion about this sort of problem vis a vis Jon Blow’s Sokoban game in Jai, in which he mentions having spent a long time solving this problem well:

So I don’t feel as bad for doing a poor job in the time frame of a game jam! I would like to figure out a good solution on some future game, though.