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Quick Update on the next version:

The delay on the new version of Arics is just 100% due to writing at the moment. I’ve added a system where each Slave is assigned a personality and a flaw (based on the “7 deadly sins”) that combine with a handful of other factors (Obedience, Loyalty, etc etc) to create a pool of randomly generated dialogue that is (somewhat) unique to each Slave. I think this will provide enough variety so that it will feel very different and fun every time you “talk” to them, especially as there are a lot of new conversation options under “talk”.

The downside is that while the “intro” dialogue is mostly done, I’m having to write about 3-5 lines of dialogue for a minimum of 15 categories per conversation topic. That’s not taking into about the “builder” lines which are dialogue lines that are built and added into the pool using a set combination of words/phrases/descriptions so every time that option is chosen, it is still most likely different than the last time it was. All that to say, it’s time-consuming as hell but should be a ton of fun when done.