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First, the game is lovely, looking forward to the full release. Now, input-wise my experience was interesting. The keyboard didn't work at all but the gamepad worked fine. I'd suspect that, if there was no gamepad connected the keyboard would have no issues.


Hello Cryptic Hybrid! Thank you so much for playing!! I loved the way you did the bunny voices! And yes, that is exactly what happened... and also explains one of the bug reports I got today! The game detects if you have a controller plugged in and the keyboard will become disabled. This was supposed to be deactivated but I seem to have forgotten. I'm actually very surprised that you were able to play the whole thing using a controller since I was experiencing some issues with the inventory while testing it. Oh and I loved your theories about where the story is going to go hehe :)

Hey! For me the gamepad (wired Xbox 360) worked without problems. I was worried the inventory was too small and I can't hold everything I got but, everything was fine. Oh, I have lots of theories. Missing bunnies, Elders hiding information about the outside, Lily running away, the Warren split as to how they should handle it so... Clover to the rescue... cover op of course. :) 

Haha <3 Thanks again!