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The new level is pretty fun, although now my fingers hurt because while tapping out the beats I usually slam the table with my fingers harder that the spacebar >_<.

I wanted to ask this for a few days now, but I forgot every time so I'll ask this right now before I forget it again. Will the full game have a level editor?

On Oriental Insomniac, pausing when the red text appears will cause this to appear:
"Hey, player
You shouldn't be reading this
Seems you're clever, exploiting a glitch by pausing the game to read al
Well, you know
I think you
Check the level select screen, there's something for you there"
This is all I could find by recording a video of the text and playing it at a slow speed. Will we ever get to find out what the full text is?


Please make this happen, maybe with a small patch after the official release as to not delay the game.

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I dont know anything about that, how very spooky..

(thanks for the feedback! and level editor most probably not on release sorry, but doable for sure, just that it would require a few weeks of extra work to make something user-friendly.)

Uh, level select?


I may have found the glitch that the message describes. Investigating further.

Alright, nothing seems to happen.

The way I "paused" was by right-clicking. It stops the game in its tracks, but breaks the level select area.

Nothing happened when I did, but if anyone wants to try more please tell me if you find anything.

I may look into this a bit more...?

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Update: I over thought it. You just have to pause by pressing "p". Hurr durr... More details soon.

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Alright, I've posted a video to Youtube showing off the glitch and the text. Check it out if you want :)

Have a nice day.

(The video is also listed freely on Youtube so it's also pointed towards people who haven't played the game)