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Hey - this sounds like a bug with the itch store. You should get in touch with itch support, I'm sure they'll help you out.

hi terry so i bought your game when you first released it for 7.50 but wasnt through so i ended up getting an email taking me to a site where i could download the latest versions of your awesome game however i have sense lost that email as i must have accidently deleted it some time ago and now i have no idea how to upgrade without buying it. i will message itch support as well to see if there is a way they can give me the game instead of me rebuying it as i already did and thus allowing it to be updated automatically and no site needed to do so but if they refuse it would you happen to know what the site is that holds the downloads for latest patches

Wait, you didn't buy the game on itch? Where did you buy the game??? If someone else sold you a copy, they're scamming you - it's only available for sale here right now.

oh so I checked old bank statements I apologize I did in fact buy it here but it was bc there wasnt a way to automatically update it that I thought it was bought elsewhere I'm sorry I screen shot it and will show itch that I do own it yet says to buy it again thanks for your time and sorry. P.s I love the game.

Ok, no worries! I hope itch are able to sort it out for you!