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you should port it on mac too! it's a really fun game but my only windows computer is a crappy one and the graphics don't look so good when my imac is instead pretty good, i would like to see it available on mac 

How good is your mac? I've seen lots of people saying their iMac is good, but it ends up being terrible.

8 gb ram. 3.4 GHz intel core i5. 4k screen. graphic card: radeon pro 560 4096 MB. i don't know if it can be considered a high-end pc or not, let me know

I'd like to see a Mac port too. My Mac is a 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9, 32gb ram, Intel UHD Graphics 630. Numbers numbers eh... So, I've just run Grid 2 at 2880x1800 with everything to high or ultra. The benchmark came out with the following frame rates:

  • Average of 36.70
  • Minimum 18.95
  • Max of 43.72

For normal gameplay, I'd usually drop some of the options, like reflections, ambients and a couple others, but personally I think that's not too shabby. With more modest settings, 60fps isn't unreachable.

The game runs great in Wine. I can get between 30 and 60 fps consistently (locks onto these values and occasionally changes to the other) at 1600x900 resolution on a GTX 1060

on what version of Wine? I get "MarbleMarcher.exe: cannot execute binary file".  Wine 3.0.4, macOS 10.14